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Welcome to the Writing School at Oxford Open Learning

If you’re not quite sure which genre of writing suits you the most, then the comprehensive course is a good place to start, especially for writers who have never been published before.

The comprehensive course has one key difference from the others: variety. This course will give you a little bit of everything, from short stories and articles, to romances and writing for children. It even goes beyond the printed page and shows you how to approach radio, television, and theatre. With each lesson covering an exciting new topic, you’ll explore a range of genres and opportunities through the course materials and a stimulating set of assignments.
Although the course touches on several topics rather than focusing on just one, you still receive in-depth training. At the Writing School, we believe in flexibility. The study programme is never set in stone—the writing you are asked to do is adapted to suit your needs. You and your tutor will work through the lessons together and decide where your strengths and interests lie. If you find yourself enjoying one topic more than others, you have the chance to spend extra time exploring that field.

What sets our Comprehensive Creative Writing Course apart is the quantity and quality of the interaction between the student and their personal tutor. Students have the opportunity to submit no less that fifteen assignments to their tutor. Each assignment is carefully structured to ensure that students are exposed to each of the different fields of creative writing, including journalism, TV/Radio, the novel, etc, and encouraged to discover their own true talents and interests before specialising in one particular form. The decision to specialise in one type of writing may take place some way into the course and thereafter the tutor will be in a position to tailor the assignments to match the student’s specific interests.

Thus every course is unique and the student has the chance to take the distance learning experience in different and unforeseen directions. This is as exciting for the tutor as it is for the student and our tutors love the opportunity to work with so many contrasting talents.

The focus throughout is on creative fulfilment and commercial success. The tutor is there to help the student channel his or her talents towards specific commercial opportunities. Each tutor has plenty of experience of trying to “place” their work with agents and publishers and they are happy to pass on that experience, to reveal what eventually worked for them and what channels they think are available right now.

The Writing School’s Comprehensive Creative Writing Course also includes a wealth of resources, all included as part of the basic course fees.

Each of these resources contains information, advice and encouragement to sustain you through your career as a writer. Unlock the talent within you. Sign up for the Comprehensive Creative Writing Course and begin the most exciting journey of your life! Good luck!

It’s been an adventure. One that I strongly recommend to anyone dreaming of writing either for fun or money. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my two year writing odyssey. Thank you.

Lynn Carroll

Our Courses...

Creative Writing

The Writing School’s Comprehensive Course is not just the most popular writing course we run, it is one of the most successful writing courses for home study in the UK. Our experts will help you practise your skills in a wide variety of genres – the novel, playwriting, writing for television, etc. It is truly a writing course for everyone.

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Writing for Children and Young Adults

If you have a talent for writing for children, our home study course will help you bring it fruition. Perhaps one day you will be the next A.A. Milne or J.K. Rowling? We can’t promise you that but one of our tutors used to be J.K. Rowling’s English teacher! Writing for children can be a labour of love but our writing courses give you an insight into the craft that lies behind the magic.

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Novel Writing

Do you dream of novel writing? Our novel writing home study course will set you on your way. We will give you a thorough grasp of plotting, characterisation, genre, dialogue, and all the other necessary novel writing skills. Our home study tutors will help you practise those arts and pass on a wealth of novel writing tips.

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Writing Romance Course

It may look easy, but writing romance is a specialist art with its own rules and secrets. Our home study course will give you a sense of the discipline of writing romance and pass on the tips which distinguish the truly great romance writers. You will soon be writing romance like the writers you most admire and earning the same royalties!

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Writing Business Communications

Amongst business writing courses, our home study programme is one of the most effective. This business writing course will provide you with a mastery of the business writing skills that distinguish the true masters. It won’t make you a billionaire business mogul overnight, but it’s a start!

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Memoir Writing and Family History

Ever thought of writing a family history? Now’s your chance to learn how to do it with a fascinating home study course. You can produce a personal memoir or try writing a family history that goes back before you were born. Either way, this writing school course will help you bring your family history to life with a wealth of tips, techniques and specialist guidance. Start writing a family history now!

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